David Dreyer Lassen

David Dreyer Lassen



Born October 5, 1973, in Rødovre, Denmark. 



2002                            Ph.D. in Economics, EPRU and Institute of Economics, University of Copenhagen.

1999-2000                   Visiting student, Department of Economics, Harvard University.

1998                            M.Sc. in Economics, Institute of Economics, University of Copenhagen.


Employment and positions

2012-                           Professor of Economics, University of Copenhagen

2007-2012                   Career Professor of Economics, University of Copenhagen

2007                            Visiting scholar, Institute for Quantitative Social Science, Harvard University

2004-2007                   Associate Professor of Economics, University of Copenhagen

2003                            Visiting researcher, Center for Basic Research in the Social Sciences, Harvard

2002-2004                   Assistant Professor of Economics, University of Copenhagen


Consultancy and advisory activities for Government and Business

Nordic Council of Ministers, World Bank, IMF, Danish Economic Councils, KREVI, Swedish Fiscal Policy Council, Ernst & Young, BDO, McKinsey


Selected recent research grants and management experience

UCPH 2016 Interdisciplinary grant. “Social Fabric.” 16 mio. kr. PI, involves co-PIs from 4 faculties and DTU.

ERC Starting Grant, SH2, 2013-2017. 1.5 mio €. PI.

Sapere Aude, Research Leader, Danish Independent Research Council 2010. 8.4 mill DKK. PI.

Danish Social Science Research Council Grant, 2009. Co-PI. 1.8 mill. DKK

University of Copenhagen, Centre of Excellence (co-PI), 2008-2013. 10 mill. DKK.


Selected university and professional experience

Independent Research Fund Denmark (DFF), chairman of the board, 2019-20

Danish Council for Independent Research | Social Sciences (FSE), member 2014-, Member of executive Committee and co-chair, 2016-7, chair 2018

Academic Council, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Copenhagen, member 2013-20

Rector’s Advisory Board, University of Copenhagen, member 2013-18

Danish Competition Council, member 2013-5


Recent presentations include the World Bank, the IMF, NYU, Oslo, Duke, Nuffield College, Oxford, Hertie School of Governance, Berlin, London School of Economics, Stanford University, Harvard/MIT. 


Recent refereeing and evaluation include AEJ-EP, American Economic Review, American Journal of Political Science, American Political Science Review, Austrian Science Foundation, British Journal of Political Science, Cambridge University Press, Economic Journal, IMF,Israeli Science Foundation, JEEA, JLEO, J. of Politics, JPubE, Croatian Science Foundation, Oxford University, Public Administration Review, Public Budgeting and Finance, Rev. of Ec. Studies, Swedish Research Council (Vetenskabsrådet)


Teaching and Supervision experience

Ph.D. 14 completed, 7 on-going. Postdocs/assis profs: 4 completed, 1 current. Supervised 150+ M.Sc.


Popular writings and media

Various interviews and appearances in all of Danish paper and e-media, coverage in WSJ, WaPo etc.

Weekly commentator in Danish business newspaper Børsen.


cand.polit., ph.d.

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